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Has your payment been sent?  Update on sending money to Cuba

Has your payment been sent? Update on sending money to Cuba

Last Friday, financial firm Cimex SA (Fincimex) announced that remittances to Cuba were gradually being paid after several days of delays due to unspecified technical problems.

Many customers in Cuba confirmed the receipt of their money transfers through comments on the official Fincimex Facebook page. In this article, we will update you on how money transfer to the island works.

For example, a Cuban woman said she received her first transfer from Spain on January 26 through an agency called Linea Mundo. Another customer said her mother received a payment from Germany sent by Small World on February 1st.

However, there are cases where customers are still not remittances and have used the same shipping agencies. Small World, for example, is temporarily suspending shipments to Cuba and joining agencies in the Western Union and the United States.

One user expressed his displeasure with the company, pointing out that if their mission is to provide a service to people, they are not fulfilling it. “They may present technical flaws or whatever, but at least the director of this company should give us a credible statement. Misinformation only creates confusion,” he wrote.

Problems sending money to Cuba

As of now, there is no public statement from Fincimex. The remittance processing company in Cuba has limited its response to some customers who have already started making payments and the situation is gradually stabilizing.

What exactly happens in sending money to Cuba? Fincimex customer service has made references to “Checking Integration with Bank” and “Linking Shipments to Bank Accounts”.

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It is important to remember that the Cuban government had to postpone the increase in fuel prices due to a cyber attack “from abroad” on CIMEX Corporation.

However, it was not explained whether the incident also affected the deposit of money sent to Cuba in late January and early February.

Have you already sent money? From which agency did they send you on which date? Tell us in the comments.

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