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Neymar fined for violating environmental laws in Brazil

Neymar fined for violating environmental laws in Brazil

EFEJuly 3, 2023, 5:28 PM ETReading: 3 minutes.

Neymar without a second chance with Barcelona

Gemma Soler provides details about the Brazilian’s real situation with the Catalan club.

The authorities confiscated works at his residence and banned the use of a lake, a decision which the player broke at a party days later.

On Monday, the Brazilian municipality of Mangaratiba announced that it had imposed a fine on the football player Neymar About some of the work that he did in his beach house in that city, wilaya Rio de Janeiro which have been suspended by environmental authorities.

the penalty fee It was set at 16 million reais (3.3 million dollars or three million euros) and refers to the creation of an artificial lake in the vast gardens of the residence, in which a player from Brazil national team and the psg French comfort these days.

Two weeks ago, the residence was visited by the environmental authorities, and various irregularities were discovered, works were seized and the use of the lake was prohibited, a decision Neymar Then he failed to comply, according to videos posted online along with photos of a party he gave a few days later.

Two weeks ago, environmental authorities visited Neymar’s residence in Brazil.Getty Images

Among the irregularities detected were the diversion of some streams, the unauthorized collection of water from a river, prohibited excavations, the irregular movement of rocks and earth, and the use of sand from the beach near the house.

Works carried out in a palace Neymar It was suspended last Thursday when environmental authorities found a series of irregularities in it.

Some of the points raised by the plaintiffs are the diversion of watercourses, the collection of water from a river without proper permit, the prohibition of excavation, the irregular movement of rocks and earth, and the use of beach sand.

The works were carried out in the Aero Rural condominium, next to Portobello, where the player owns another luxurious mansion of 5,000 square meters worth 28 million reais (about $5.87 million or 5.36 million euros).

future from Neymar in it psg This is not confirmed, but the possible arrival of Luis Enrique could be in his favour, as he was his coach at Barcelona between 2013 and 2016.

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