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Cuba will export nearly 100 tons of pink shrimp in 2023

Cuba will export nearly 100 tons of pink shrimp in 2023

Cuba will export about 100 tons of pink shrimp this year. The delicious oyster was caught in the province of Ciego de Ávila in the first semester of 2023. After five seasons without meeting expectations, the catch plans are now a reality. The director of fishing operations for industrial fishing company Ciego de vila (EPIVILA) commented on the matter to the local newspaper Invasor. José Osmundo López Calderón said that “the profits from these international sales will be used to repair and supply the fishing fleet itself. This means being able to catch fish and produce more for consumers.”

The CEO insisted, “Shrimp fishing is also a mainstay for us to continue through the rest of the year. There will be six months in which the availability of CL (liquidity capacity) that comes from shrimp fishing encourages access to food. The beneficiaries will be our working groups, including those who They spend a great deal of time hunting other species out there.”

Repairs on the way, cash on hand

Also, from July, pink shrimp exports will allow the company to repair and supply 64 boats. “They go on a 20-day voyage and we can do a good part of the food expenditure with what the shrimp contribute. To a lesser extent it happens thanks to aquaculture production, ”the expert emphasized.

The same regional publication indicated that profits from shrimp fishing would be translated into foreign currency funds that Cuba would receive through exports.

Meanwhile, three months ago, it appeared that the industrial fishing company Cienfuegos (EPICIEN) had also exceeded plans to catch shrimp, lobster and lobster. In all cases, the goal is identical: to export these products.

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The general manager of EPICIEN, Idania Piñeiro Morejón, confirmed that the seafood business generated more than 30 million pesos in profits. The economic benefits improved workers’ wages.