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New LG TV keys

New LG TV keys

Image for article Microlenses, Artificial Intelligence, and Improvements for Gamers: Keys to LG's New TVs

picture: LG

LG has just introduced its new OLED EVO TVs in Spain, and they’re a massive hit of screens with three great virtues: Basic Brightness, which is a more powerful processor loaded with AI algorithms And consider specifically integrating new functionality to players.

hTen years have passed since the release of the company’s first OLED TV, but even now those models have been accused of lacking in brightness compared to LCD panels.. nope the new OLED EVO Series G3 this year on behalf of Some models in the Z3 range have achieved increase up to 70% more of brightness thanks to the new structure On the basis of micro lenses. According to LG, the brightness “They are mapped and controlled pixel by pixel for more realistic images with a color space (DCI-P3) greater than 100%..

Another great upgrade to these devices is the brand new one a9 processors. these Treatments that to merge new LG TVs allow éThey can run deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to improve image quality. For example, its technology AI Picture Pro offers better scaling when we are not dealing with original TV resolution material, and its technology OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro He is responsible for division Image in 20,000 blocks and analyzedarr All of them in real time to discover the darkest areas and Bright to accurately improve on-screen HDR. from others Image noise reduction functions to Live sound equalization: The number of AI improvements LG has made is almost overwhelming.

Finally, LG didn’t want to ignore gamers who are increasingly into their AV equipment. New company TVs Includes enhancements such as HDMI 2.1a or more Compatibility with the latest technology such as Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync technology or HDMI-VRR. In addition, I executed a file dashboard Where we can comfortably access all these settings and where we can consult Information about the gaming performance of the device.

LG’s new 2023 OLED display, which That’s it Available in Spain, it includes the Z3, G3, C3 and B3 series with a wide range of inches from 42 to 97.

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