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Neighbors almost executed a Cuban who entered to rob a local resident in Mexico

Neighbors almost executed a Cuban who entered to rob a local resident in Mexico

Residents of Rancho Viejo Street, in front of Colonia Jordan, in the Mexican city of Cancun, almost killed a young man of Cuban origin, who was caught stealing from a stationery store.

The aforementioned, whose identity has not been revealed, had entered a stationery store with the apparent intent of stealing, according to a post on the Facebook page. Facebook “Discontent of a Quintanaronce Citizen”.

However, the people of the region caught him and stopped him He tied it by his hands And they brutally beat him.

Posted in Facebook

Local authorities arrived at the scene and arrested the young immigrant, who remains in detention.

Many people spoke against it attempted lynching He confirmed that the young man suffers from mental disorders.

“But if this poor man, seen not in his five senses, talking to himself on the street, I saw him today on Rancho Viejo and I saw him for a long time and saw that he was. Talking to himself,” said one netizen.

Others pointed out that in the midst of the Cuban immigration crisis, many young people from the island arrive in Mexico despite lower wages in the country, because they were in a worse situation in Cuba.

One woman said, “Cubans are a thousand times poorer, like Venezuelans and Colombians, than Mexicans. Cubans don’t even have a currency, and the others don’t have theirs which is worth anything.”

In Mexico they are still stuck Thousands of Cubans Waiting to cross the US border. Many of them reside in Cancun.