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Abandoned Cuban woman in Darien Forest

Abandoned Cuban woman in Darien Forest

CubitaNOW write ~ Monday, August 21, 2023

A Cuban woman named Martha Lyon was allegedly left behind in the Darien Forest during her flight to the United States.

The images circulated on social media on Monday show the woman lying on the ground and practically without the strength to reach out or get up.

“I am deserted, I am dying,” says the woman shortly before someone else adds that the lady has been in that place for six months, in addition to having a broken leg.

“Her right leg is broken,” said the man who allegedly found the Cuban woman in the middle of the woods nearly a week after she was abandoned.

As of this writing, there are no further details about the Cuban woman’s health condition or whether she was rescued after the complaint.

The Panamanian government reported in January this year that a total of 5,961 Cuban migrants crossed the Colombian-Panamanian border in 2022, crossing the Darien Gap on their way through Central America to the southern border of the United States.

The number was five times higher than what was reported by Panamanian authorities in 2021, when 1,065 Cubans crossed the section of the border, known as the “green hell” of the Americas.

According to the report, 248,284 migrants from different countries made the perilous journey, which is a record number that doubles the number recorded in the previous year, when about 133,000 migrants crossed the Darien River.

Cubans ranked fourth in that statistic, behind Venezuelans (150,327), Ecuadorians (29,356), and Haitians (22,435).

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Of the total immigrants, 28% (69,114) were women, 72% (179,170) were men, and 16% (40,438) were minors.

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