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A Cuban immigrant with a broken leg, her son left her at Darren Jungle

A Cuban immigrant with a broken leg, her son left her at Darren Jungle

Marta Leon, a Cuban mother with a broken leg, was abandoned by her son V.I Darren jungle While in transit to the United States from Ecuador.

“I walked through the jungle, today I’m in Costa Rica. I found this Cuban lady, her son abandoned her, she’s a day away from Las Piraguas, we can make the message go viral,” I asked on Monday in a Facebook group. The Cuban immigrant who is known as Yasser Yasil.

Apparently, the woman was abandoned 6 days ago by her son, named Lázaro, in a jungle area between Panama and Costa Rica. After learning about the video, her daughter asked for help in getting her mother back.

Facebook / Cubans in Brazil

“Help me, I beg you, if you know someone who goes through the jungle or in Panama. Help me get my mom back.” asked Judit Rigas Leon, who lives in Curitiba, Brazil, on Facebook.

Facebook/Judith Rigas Lyon

According to the daughter’s post comments, Marta Leon is originally from La Lisa in Havana.

It turned out recently Nearly 250,000 irregular migrants crossed the Darien Forest on their way to the United States Until the end of July, according to Panamanian authorities.

As of July 31, at least 248,901 irregular migrants have passed through the Darien Forest, located between Panama and Colombia, seeking to reach the Mexican border with the United States by road.

At the beginning of April, the National Migration Service of Panama, for its part, reported that 220 Cuban migrants crossed that border area with Colombia during the month of March.

in 2022, A total of 5,961 Cuban immigrants passed through the so-called Darien Gap.

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At the end of 2022, Cuba ranked fourth among the countries with the highest number of migrants crossing that jungle, surpassing Venezuela, with 150,327 migrants; Ecuador, with 29,356; and Haiti, with 22,435.

However, figures for 2022 and the beginning of 2023 show a downward trend regarding the number of Cuban immigrants choosing this route. Since December 2021, the influx of Cubans through the jungle has begun to decrease, after the Nicaraguan government established a month ago the issuance of free visas to Cuban citizens.