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Natividad Adamoz Povidano has been elected as the new Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Natividad Adamoz Povidano has been elected as the new Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Professor of Mathematics Education, Natividad Adamoz Povidano, has been appointed as the new Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology at the University of Cordoba, following the elections held at the center in which she participated as the sole candidate. Adamoz was elected with 89.56% of the vote.

According to sectors, the new dean of the College of Educational Sciences received the support of 85.13% of the votes of sector A (teachers with permanent employment); 89.65% from Sector B (other teaching and research staff); 94.1% of votes cast were from Service Department employees (Sector C) and 92.59% from the student body (Sector D). Regarding participation, with the exception of the student group, it was very high in the rest of the sectors: 79.56% for Sector A, 51.78% for Sector B, and 85% for the administrative and services sector.

Adamuz holds a degree in Physics from the University of Córdoba and obtained a Doctorate in Education with International Citation from the University of British Columbia in 2016. Her training and work have been characterized by her passion for education and her firm belief in the possibility of achieving another kind of education, accessible to all. He teaches for a certificate in primary education, a master’s degree in teaching compulsory secondary education and a baccalaureate at the University of Cordoba, and a master’s degree in mathematics education at the University of Granada.

His main line of research focuses on the development of number sense, the use of manipulatives and calculation algorithms in the early years of learning. He also highlights his research career in ethnomathematics, and has recently embarked on research related to algebraic reasoning.

Together with the new Dean, they are part of its management team:

· Academic Secretary: Ms. Dolores Amores Morales

· Vice Dean of Students, Culture and Quality: Juan Calmaestra Felin

· Vice Dean of Academic Organization: Inmaculada C. Marin Lopez

· Vice Dean for Institutional Relations, Mobility and Bilingualism: Christina A. Huertas April

· Vice Dean for Internships, Recruitment and Transition: Elvira Fernandez de Ahumada.


· Certificate in Early Childhood Education: Azahara Jimenez Milan

· Certificate in Primary Education: Esther Vega Gia

· Certificate in Social Education: Sonia Garcia Segura

· Degree in Psychology: Bernardino Fernandez Calvo

· Practical training and transportation: Alicia Jurado Lopez

Natividad Adamoz takes over the position of Head of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology from Professor María del Mar García Cabrera.

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