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Much of the Nicaraguan migration route

Much of the Nicaraguan migration route

The U.S. government has continued to deport Cubans who have been in the country illegally for years, having crossed the border from Nicaragua to the southern North American border. A few rafters trying to reach the Florida coast were captured on this seventh flight of deportees.

This Thursday, according to reports Officials said 27 Cuban citizens who immigrated to the U.S. illegally were flown back to Cuba. They arrived at the “Jose Marti” International Airport in Havana on the seventh charter flight so far this year.

Of the returnees, five left Cuba by sea and were intercepted on arrival on US shores. Another 22 traveled legally to other countries, such as Nicaragua, and then joined clandestine routes to reach the southern border of the United States.

With this group of deportees, now 4,634 Cubans have returned from various countries in the region in 115 operations, of which 3,381 were carried out from the United States, confirming that it is the main destination of thousands of nationals leaving the island. These moments.

Deportations from the US to Cuba will continue

In late September, Blas Nunez-Neto, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s undersecretary for border policy and immigration, emphasized Cubans in a video conference, confirming that deportations of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin would continue.

Whatever happens this weekend won’t change if Congress doesn’t act. “We are going to continue to operate repatriation flights to Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and all countries in the hemisphere,” he pointed out.

In recent months, the passage from Nicaragua to the US’s southern border has been reactivated, with mass departures from Cuba now taking three months to seek a CBP One appointment and legal entry. Others consider themselves to be at risk of entering illegally, where they will be deported to the island if caught, and can expect no method of re-entering the United States within five years.

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