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Bus and subway rides in Miami are free until the end of the year

Bus and subway rides in Miami are free until the end of the year

If you live in Miami, Florida and rely on public transportation like the bus and subway in the city center, you’re in luck because transit will be free from November until the end of this year 2023. As you can hear, another convenience for residents of this populous city of millions of Cubans.

The Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works announced this week that it will waive fares on both bus service and the Metro rail system from Nov. 13 through the end of 2023. Both normally cost $2.25 per trip, but now it won’t cost anything.

A Report del Nuevo Herald pointed out that district officials did not disclose how much it would cost the public transportation system to stop charging for six weeks. But by its own calculations, in those six weeks of free time, the district will lose about nine million dollars.

The free service coincides with the launch of new Better Bus routes on November 13.

Free public transportation in Miami

What do you need to know about these changes? The “Better Bus” program seeks to increase ridership of the county bus system. Reducing waiting times and eliminating or consolidating low-demand routes, while strengthening service on high-demand routes.

The redesign included new route names, fewer stops in residential areas and the elimination of some routes. They explain that you should visit the Miami County website for more information on how this change will affect your regular commute.

Will the bus be free next year? The report points out that the 2024 budget proposal for transport and public works does not include suspended tariffs. During the pandemic, Miami-Dade Transit offered free bus service.

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