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Buscan a dos náufragos haitianos junto al Pasaje de Mona, en aguas de Puerto Rico

Looking for two Haitian Castleways next to the Mona Passage off the coast of Puerto Rico

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued 10 Haitians in the Isla de la Mona area off the coast of Hispaniola Island off the coast of Puerto Rico and is searching for possible costways after two migrants were suspected of having fallen into the sea. From the boat on which the group traveled.

Boats and helicopters will continue to search for costware on Friday after finding Haitian migrants aboard a small boat near Mona Island on Wednesday, the company said in a statement.

Search attempts have not yet found possible costways.

The Haitians were spotted following a warning to the Coast Guard from a Jerome fishing boat that was seen sailing two nautical miles north of Mona Island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The Coast Guard found the boat of Haitian settlers shortly after the rescue operation began.

There were 10 immigrants in the group, one male and nine females, all with symptoms of fatigue and hypothermia.

Survivors said two more settlers fell from the boat and were unable to swim.

Once boarded by the Coast Guard, all immigrants will receive food and basic medical care.

Coast Guard teams, along with local authorities and the United States Border Patrol, are investigating whether any of the migrants who allegedly reached the coast of the Mona Islands or nearby Monito Key fell into the Agus.

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