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MSRT, a little-known Windows malware detection tool

MSRT, a little-known Windows malware detection tool

The application allows you to analyze possible programs affecting the computer. (Unsplash)

despite of Windows She has in Windows Defender Major OS Security Software A lesser-known feature that provides important productivity functionality and is worth checking out is microsoft software removal tool, also I was pleased.

This tool is hidden deep in the operating system. MSRT is not a real-time program like Windows Defender, but a deep-rooted function. Below we’ll explain what it is and how to use it.

The Microsoft Software Removal Tool is a security tool built into current operating systems. Microsoft, Windows 10 and 11. Its main function is to detect and remove known and common malware that may have infiltrated the system.

Although MSRT does not replace the need for comprehensive antivirus software, it is a valuable feature for performing spot scans and cleanups. Unlike Windows Defender, which runs silently in the background, MSRT waits for user instructions to take action.

The application allows you to analyze possible programs affecting the computer. (Unsplash)

This tool must be activated by everyone, and to do this you must follow a series of steps:

1. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard. This will open the Windows Run window.

2. In this window, type “mrt” (without the quotes) and press Enter or click OK.

3. Once the command is executed, the Microsoft Software Removal Tool window will open.

Once we get to this window, three security options will appear:

-Quick analysis: This option scans areas of the system that are vulnerable to containing malware. It is an excellent choice if a quick evaluation of your system is needed.

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– Full analysis: It serves as a comprehensive review of the entire system for threats. This option scans every corner of your computer for malware.

– Custom analysis: This option allows you to customize the location or folder you want to scan. This is useful if you suspect that a specific area of ​​the system may have been compromised or if you want to check a specific folder.

It is important to note that MSRT is not a complete replacement for powerful antivirus software. Instead, it is specifically designed to detect and remover known malware families and Repeated files that may wreak havoc on the system.

The application allows you to analyze possible programs affecting the computer. (Unsplash)

This is a very useful tool, which should be part of the complete security package that should be considered when taking care of our computer. There are four situations in which the analysis is likely to be performed and if it exists Malware take actions:

– If there is a suspicion that the system is infected or is behaving abnormally.

– As part of regular security maintenance to ensure that there are no threats lurking on your computer.

– After downloading files or programs from unreliable or unknown sources.

– When you want to check a specific folder or location for malware, because maybe we will share it or move it to another device.

It is possible that for some reason this tool is not installed on your computer. However, obtaining it is not complicated and the process is free, as it is done directly MicrosoftWhich also ensures its installation.

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To get MSRT you must access www.microsoft.com, Then put “MSRT” into the search engine, the first result will be a page called “Malware Removal Tool”, after which all you have to do is enter it and download the content.