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Motorola unveils a flexible smartphone that wraps around your wrist

Motorola unveils a flexible smartphone that wraps around your wrist

picture: Motorola

Motorola It unveiled an interesting phone prototype at Lenovo Tech World 2023 that is turning heads and wrists. This flexible smartphone has a flexible display that can wrap around your wrist like a watch.

The product unveiled by Motorola was the latest version of what the phone will look like, meaning some iterations were revealed. before. One iteration was announced during the Lenovo Global Technology Summit in 2016 and was mostly treated as a fun novelty at the time.

The product did not generate much publicity at the time and maintained a fairly low profile. However, at the 2023 Tech World event, the company took the opportunity to reintroduce the unique concept and also provided a quick overview of its features.

The phone has a plastic FHD+ PoLED display that measures 6.9 inches when lying flat rather than on your wrist. To an independent position. This reduces the phone’s size to 4.6 inches.

Motorola’s new phone prototype aims to provide you with maximum convenience while you’re on the go. Its elasticity covers that and wraps around your wrist comfortably, allowing you to easily interact with its external display. To make the experience comfortable, the launch shot shows a fabric material on the back of the watch.

“This adaptive display concept extends the display and mechanical advances found in our foldable and rollable devices in both the smartphone and PC categories,” Motorola says.

The flexible phone will also benefit from an artificial intelligence model that allows users new levels of customization. For example, you can take a photo of your clothes and have your phone automatically adjust the background to match your clothes.

Obviously, this mobile phone is just a prototype at the moment Motorola He has not revealed any plans to release it to the public yet.

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