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Goodbye to the foldable iPhone, Apple has obtained a patent for an iPhone with a foldable screen

Goodbye to the foldable iPhone, Apple has obtained a patent for an iPhone with a foldable screen

Apple continues to work on replacement screens for iPhone!

At some point, Apple is expected to launch a foldable or foldable iPhone

Those who were hoping to see an iPhone with a foldable screen can say goodbye to these expectations. If Apple decides to change the shape of the iPhone, it will in any case do so with a foldable screen, at least this confirms the registration of a new patent. Additionally, this can be extended to your iPad, Mac, or even TV screen.

According to a document filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an iPhone, iPad, and electronic computer display device can include a casing with an expandable display attached to the casing. The case and screen can operate in expanded and retracted states.

Apple is not ruling out a foldable iPhone

The patent delves into the mechanism that allows the screen to be held in both the expanded and retracted state. As the device transitions from one case to another, the retractable portion of the screen and frame can retract around the axis to the retracted position inside the case.

It may be a frame A solid part consisting primarily of solid metal Which supports the exposed part of the screen and A flexible part consisting of parallel metal strips Which supports the retractable part of the screen.

Document shared by Apple clearly“, he also points out The sliding mechanism may include rack and pinion mechanisms Combined with a common drive shaft to ensure the upper and lower edges of the screen move in unison during expansion and retraction, as shown in the following images.

Four images with details of the rolling screen

Patented rack and gear mechanisms for folding screen

Each rack and pinion mechanism may include upper and lower racks and upper and lower gears Make sure that the upper and lower parts of the wrap do not move away from each other during expansion and contraction.

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Over the years, Apple has registered several patents dedicated to potential foldable devices, without the company announcing anything regarding the realization of these plans. But in recent years, it is foldable screens that have gained great importance in their documentation.

Unlike foldable cell phones that have hinges that allow both sides to open and close, Foldable phones fold around a roller inside the phone made up of two structures, each of which can slide apart from the other.

In 2021, Apple provided a document titled “Electronic Devices with Expandable Sliding Displays.” While in July 2023, the company published a patent application related to the possibility of using a rotatable/sliding screen inside the device