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What was there before the Big Bang?  This is what scientists say

What was there before the Big Bang? This is what scientists say

Although it is a mathematical complication, science has judged “what existed before the Big Bang”. These are the hypotheses.

the The Big Bang Theory It is the most famous proposal on The origin of the universe. According to this model, space was compressed, making it smaller, denser, and hotter. In these circumstances, typical of the past 13.8 billion yearsAll the elements that make us are what make us, he asserts Space.com. Scientific curiosity went right back, though, asking What was there before the big bang.

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For those familiar with the subject, it would seem incredible to take the questions to an earlier time than the great event presented The origin of the universe, as it is currently known. The reason is understandable: according to this thought, all the components of the universe, at a temperature of more than one quadrillion degrees, were compressed into a body. It is no larger than the size of a peach.

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However, there are some hypotheses that seek explanation What was there before the big bang. However, it is necessary to anticipate that they are a challenge to physics, such as place just killed. The issue has its complexity in the fact that Math seems to “give up” In this research. otherwise, The reality was different. Here we tell you.

Postulates of the Big Bang

In a recent interview that National Geographic in Spanish With Dr. Vladimir Avila Reis, researcher at the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the expert explained, in three points, The main assumptions of the Big Bang Theory. here they are:

  1. There are no distinct points in the universebeing that the properties of space-time and the physical properties of matter and energy are the same on average at any position and direction.
  2. The universe is not static. From an initial period called the singularity, it has been moving as a whole, expanding or contracting, depending on its physical and energetic content.
  3. The properties of matter and energy change dramatically with expansion, as everything in the past was closer, denser, hotter and more vibrant.
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What was there before the Big Bang?

ecpyrotic universe

The first suggestion is who comes from ecpyrotic universe. This cosmological model, of the origin and formation of the universe, is nourished by advances in the field of string theory.

In the scenario that this model is betting on, The Big Bang would be nothing more than the result of a much larger process. Basically, it is said here that the being Consists of evolutionary cycles Which is repeated furthermore, this idea leads to existence parallel universes.

The main problem with this hypothesis lies in its colossal relationship with string theory, which is not fully recognized by the scientific community. Many of the ideas encouraged by the above theory are still being debated, such as, for example, multidimensionalitymembranes and orbital formation.

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despite what has been explained The ekpyrotic universe has not been completely ruled out. In 2020, A.J condition From the study by physicists Robert Brandenberger and Ziwei Wang, both of McGill University, Canada. They discovered that, contrary to what was thought, There is still a lot to be explored regarding this matter., before rejecting the hypothesis. Thanks to the fact that when being It shrinks to an incredibly small point and returns to a state the great explosionit is possible to sort everything out in favor of a more detailed review.

Stephen Hawking explained

Stephen Hawkingone of the most brilliant scientists of recent times, holds an idea contrary to the idea ecpyrotic universe. His position was revealed in program From the United States, where American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson asked him the big question: What was there before the Big Bang?

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What was there before the Big Bang?
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according to HawkingIn those moments before the Big Bang, What was there uniquenessi.e. a moment in which all the laws of physics do not apply.

“I adopt Euclid approach (3D) for quantum gravity to describe The beginning of the universeWorld explained in program. In the Euclidian interpretation, The history of the universe in imaginary time is a curved surface in the fourth dimensionLike the Earth’s surface, but with two extra dimensions.

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