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Moroz's Mayor Jose Luis Dolma is challenging the PPD's chairmanship and aspiring to become governor in 2024.

Moroz’s Mayor Jose Luis Dolma is challenging the PPD’s chairmanship and aspiring to become governor in 2024.

Injured by the plan of the leader of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) Joseph Louis PtolemyThe mayor of Morovis and the vice president of the community, Carmen MaldonadoFirst announced New day He will challenge him for the presidency of La Bawa and want to be the governor candidate in the 2024 election.

He said Maldonado’s determination arose in response to Dolma’s proposal, which was announced today by the people to elect members of the PPD’s governing body by direct election, but he announced that he was ready to continue to command the community.

In addition, Ptolemy announced that he would hold an election next August to determine which status option the Bawa hosts support: the upgraded Commonwealth (ELA) or the Free Association. In advance, Dolmav said he would campaign in support of the Commonwealth.

Maldonado, a member of La Bawa’s governing body, assured that these efforts had not been consulted or approved by the organization. In fact, he acknowledged that negotiations were underway within the PPD to demand an urgent meeting of the governing body.

“I make myself available”

“It’s very sad, very sad to hear those revelations. In the face of these revelations, I make myself available. I’m going to run for president of the Popular Party, and I’m going to say something that he (Dalmav) does not have the courage to say ahead because he is not a leader. I am running for governor of Puerto Rico in the 2024 electionThe mayor said.

He described the way Dolmav proposed counseling among celebrities as “run over”.

“Tell me now – in a month and a half – if a candidate has time to run to Puerto Rico to complete such a campaign, it is very important,” Moldonado said.

Dalmau, in a message he posted on the PPD’s Facebook page, did not elaborate on how the consultation would be carried out, but he put it on August 14. Following that, he said he would provide details “later” to questions from the media.

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The leader of La Bawa reacts

After Moldonado’s announcement, New day Contacting Ptolemy, he pointed out, “Here are the positions for the governing body to be elected. They did not vote for the candidates.

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Maldonado, meanwhile, did not hesitate to point out that the proposal by the leader of the PPD and the leader of the Senate further divides the party’s patrons founded on July 22, 1938 by Louis Munoz Marin.

“What he (Dalmav) is contributing to is that the split within the Popular Party continues and it continues to grow, the destruction of the Popular Party is really growing, as Munoz Marin said at one point: ‘The Popular Party was destroyed by the same People’s Party. And when he said that, he did not talk about the party as an institution. ,” said.

Also, two years before the general election, he said he was now running for governor of the People’s Democratic Party because he could not remain silent in the face of anger.

“Non-federal essential services do not reach the municipalities. Today the citizens of every town are suffering from the wrath of the central government. I understand that sitting idly by is not an option, ”the mayor said recently during his second four-year term. In the federal sphere, a lawsuit was filed against the Waterways and Sewerage Authority over the lack of water in Morovis.

But Moldonado has been critical of his party. Before departure Carlos Delcado Altieri In his position as chairman of the PPD, he raised his hand to lead the PPD and was allegedly discriminated against. Later, he raised his voice against Dolma’s revelations that he classified aborted women as “murderers.” Maldonado, at the time, apologized and called for an emergency meeting of the community’s governing body.

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Now, he has to express himself publicly because Dalma has “no internet preference.”

“While he is exposing and limiting the Popular Party with expressions of people who do not fully believe in the Commonwealth, I understand that the President’s revelations this morning are really distorting the will of the people to continue to progress. ‘Those who do not believe in this must leave our party,’ he tells others. . ”.

“Leader does not split”

“Unfortunately I have to say that a leader unites. A leader does not split, a true leader does not have to reject any person who wants to be a part of us and thinks differently. I believe 100% in the ELA I am always committed to that protection, but no other member of the Popular Party I can not deny it because he believes differently from me, “he added.

He said that what followed was not disunity but negotiations. He added that PPD was in a “critical” situation.

“The party is looking for a leader who can really elevate the party from the moment it finds itself”He pointed out.

He points out that despite the split within Bawa, he understands the potential for winning the 2024 election and running for governor.

He did not hesitate to point out the PPD’s alternative election commissioner. George Golberg Toro, As one of those responsible for Dalma’s proposal. Golberg Toro did not respond to calls from this newspaper.

“I can tell it in advance because the whole country knows it. He has a first and last name, and I’m not afraid of George Golberg. I want you to know that I am not afraid of you. He talked about throwing anyone who wanted to run into the street and the votes would be counted, well, today I tell him, it will be like this, we will each be thrown in the street. Will be calculated. We are going to monitor those votes openly, ”he said.

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“There is no point in that,” Dalmav said.

He was tough when asked if the governor could come to office in 2024.

“If the celebrities understand that, I will say that I am preparing my own candidate for the leadership of the Popular Party. I also say that this is not the time to select candidates. It elects the founding members of the party, ”he said.

“In the face of a new electoral cycle the process is now being disrupted by a candidacy process aimed at uniting the popular party,” Dolmav added.

Maldonado has in the past chosen to remain silent about who is hurting PPD, though he does not want to give too many names.

“There are many who have been in the past with various governor candidates, they did not really get a positive result, but they always live out of the party and we cannot allow that. It is sad to see how processes work in this way without actually consulting within the base of the Popular Party. I never believed that what we are experiencing today is democracy, where three or four people meet and make decisions on behalf of an entire community. It can’t be that way. Of course it hurts. As I always say, the Popular Party definitely hurts because there are not three or four people, ”said Moldonado.

“A small group of three or four people to make decisions on behalf of the community. It’s not the PPD.