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El yate Flying Fox ya no está en el Puerto Don Diego

The flying fox boat is no longer in Porto Don Diego

Santo Domingo, DR.

The flying fox boat, anchored in Puerto Don Diego on March 21 this year, was moved from that location this Friday morning.

Some of the port staff told reporters at noon At 10:00 a.m. the flying fox returned.

The boat, which was inspected by the Public Ministry about three weeks ago, has caused controversy over who was on board, its characteristics and what was occupied during the investigation by the authorities.

The flying fox has a large space , According to its manufacturer, it is “comfortable” enough to live in, but it also includes sea terraces, floors and a large rear swimming pool, which expands the width of the main site, not to mention its two “double helipads”, spa area and cinema. With seats between other seats.

Evidence from the Attorney General’s office this Friday only stated that the boat was not in port. While at the port, the flying fox attracted tourists and hundreds of Dominicans who came to take photos.


On the first day of April, the boat was intercepted by several MP agents, Part of the staff of the Customs, Armed Forces, and the U.S. Office of Homeland Security (HSI). All of this is part of his investigation into “money laundering and arms smuggling.”

According to the MP, the North American country “has opened an investigation against a number of targets dedicated to money laundering internationally.”

The flying fox is attached Russian businessman Dmitry KamenshikThe owner of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, according to Forbes.