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See how a 50 cent coin can get you up to 42,000 soles  Answers

See how a 50 cent coin can get you up to 42,000 soles Answers

The Kennedy half dollar, a 50-cent coin minted in 1964, is highly prized by coin collectors. America. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963, shocking the American people and the world. However, a few months later it was proposed to mint a coin with his bust in honor of his memory.

How about a 50 cent dollar coin worth over 42k sales?

Since 1964, John F. The Kennedy half dollar was minted, except in 1975 and 1976, during which time the Independence Hall appeared in Philadelphia, a tribute to America’s 200 years of independence.

Later, the US Mint decided to withdraw the silver half dollar from circulation, replacing it with copper and nickel. The coin features former President Kennedy’s face on the obverse and the presidential seal on the reverse.

What are the characteristics of the 50 cent dollar coin?

  • John F. Kennedy is depicted on the reverse of the coin from a portrait created for his presidential medal.
  • On the reverse is the seal of the President of the United States, with a ring of 50 stars as the corporate symbol.
  • The obverse of the coin features ‘Independence’, ‘In God We Trust’ and the year.
  • The reverse, in addition, reads “United States of America” ​​and “Half Dollar”.
  • It was printed in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco.
  • Reverse design: Gilroy Roberts.
  • Frank Gasparo designed the reverse.
  • Weight 11,340 grams.
  • 1.205 inches or 30.61 millimeters in diameter.
  • 2.15 millimeters thick.
  • Composition: Nickel and copper are 8% and 33% of total respectively.

How to sell collectible banknotes and dollars?

  • Internet sites. Collectors can find lost items on various Internet sites, including Ebay, Amazon, and Mercado Libre; However, commissions often apply to items sold on these sites.
  • Groups in social networks. Opportunities to negotiate prices arise in Facebook groups where collectibles are sold. These places are common destinations for avid seekers of rare items.
  • Numismatic houses. Numismatic houses located around the world can sell you a collectible coin or note if it piques the interest of its owners. However, if the item is very common, you may only get a fixed rate per kg or quantity.
  • Numismatic events. Around the world, numismatic events offer enticing opportunities for collectors to trade or sell their pieces.
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