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Border crisis worsens;  19 thousand trucks are stopped

Border crisis worsens; 19 thousand trucks are stopped

Mexico City.- In the face of an immigration crisis, 19,000 trucks have already stopped 21 days after Gov. Greg Abbott decided to halt the flow of units across the three bridges that separate Ciudad Juárez from El Paso, Texas. According to Canagar, the losses are 1,900 million.

The presence of Texas Department of Defense elements at border crossings and enforcement of review operations has resulted in lane closures, increased crossing times of up to 24 hours and lines that have reached 23 kilometers in length, the chamber said in a press release. .

The organization, which brings together transport companies and so-called truckers, reiterated that the situation has already had a serious impact on trade between Mexico and the United States.

“The National Chamber of Freight Transport (Canacar), led by Miguel Angel Martínez Millán, joins the concerns of various manufacturing sectors in the north of the country in the face of the unilateral crisis on the border between Mexico and Texas. The decision of the North American state government to impose checks on Mexican trucks crossing customs in that region,” Transport said. The leader said.

“For this reason, freight carriers affiliated with Canacar renew our demand that the Texas government reverse this action that does nothing for the development of this region and puts tens of thousands of jobs in Mexico and the United States at risk.”

He opined that the actions promoted by the Texas government have a direct impact on supply chains and compromise the stability of thousands of companies on both sides of the border.

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“We insist that this situation is not consistent with the spirit of growth and understanding that animates T-MEC,” he added in the statement.

In addition, he recognized the work carried out by security officers of the municipality of Ciudad Juárez, elements of the State Police of Chihuahua, the National Guard and the Secretariat of National Defense to guarantee the integrity of hundreds of truck operators. Trapped at this border point, they are at risk of robbery and assault.

Mexico is the top buyer of Texas exports and the state’s top trading partner in the United States, according to statistics from the Ministry of the Economy.

By 2021, the value of trade in goods with our country will be 231 billion dollars and 400 thousand jobs will depend on the exchange with our country.