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Alex Sapp continues to appear in prison in the United States;  There is a rumor of a transfer – Intelligence Unit

Alex Sapp continues to appear in prison in the United States; There is a rumor of a transfer – Intelligence Unit

It is now 4 hours The edition was published amid exchanges that Barranquillo businessman Alex Chapp, Nicolás Maduro’s designated leader, would be freed by the US government.Similar to what was done several months ago between Washington and Caracas.

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truly, The media has come out to confirm that Saab is no longer registered with the United States Bureau of Prisons.

The Colombian businessman was caught and taken away by police officers.


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however, EL TIEMPO established that Saab continues to appear in those records and that he is in prison in Miami, according to the federal site.

However, EL TIEMPO talked to federal sources about a possible conditional release for 6 months. Within the framework of the set-aside agreements between Washington and Caracas.

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This last scenario was ruled out following Nicolás Maduro’s announcement that he would claim part of Guyana.And America came to support the smaller neighbor.

Besides, The Biden government had already warned the Maduro regime that it must guarantee the opposition’s participation in next year’s presidential election.After he attacked Maria Corina Machado.

Alex Sapp and Nicolas Maduro

Alex Sapp and Nicolas Maduro of Barranquilla.

‘Still Behind Bars’

Maria Corina Machado

Machado was announced as a candidate for the presidential election.



however, The fact that the file on Saab has been surprisingly sealed and the secrecy of two recent proceedings has raised concerns in Venezuelan circles..

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however, He is close to the Barranquilla man, who continues to allege his capture was illegal because he held a Venezuelan consular status in Cape Verde (June 2021)., confirmed that he is still in prison. Even on December 19th, a midday visit.

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Despite the growing rumor of a possible trade, No official US sources have reported on this.

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