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Yate Flying Fox zarpó del puerto dejando manto de silencio

The boat’s flying fox left the blanket of silence and departed from the harbor

As it came, it came out: quiet and leaving an unsolved mystery. This is a luxury flying Fox boat that sails a month later in Porto Don Diego, Santo Domingo. Traveled to an unknown placeUndoubtedly who its residents are and the reason for their anchoring in the Dominican Republic, in addition to the Ministry of Public Inquiry into illegal arms smuggling three weeks ago.

At noon on Friday, some of the port staff told reporters from the media that the flying fox had left at 10:00 a.m. and did not know where they were.

Ministry of Public WorksHe limited himself in ensuring the departure of the ship. According to Forbes, the boat is linked to Russian President Dmitry Kamenshik, who owns the Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

The Flying Fox is one of the largest boats in the world and can carry a total of 25 people on board.

The boat was tested on March 25

On March 25, agents from other Dominican agencies, such as the United States Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) They visited without knowing what was going on inside the ship.

However, a week later, on April 1, the boat was seized by agents from the Ministry of Public Administration, Customs, the Armed Forces and a number of HSI agents. These are all part of your research “Alleged money laundering and arms smuggling”.

At the time, the MP said the United States was “opening an investigation against a number of targets devoted to money laundering internationally.” During its long stay in Porto Don Diego, the boat generated controversy and curiosity about who its occupiers were, its characteristics and what they discovered during an investigation by authorities.

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The flying fox is 136 meters longThere are eleven rooms, a heliport, and a pool 12 metersTwo-tier spa and 400 square metersA cinema and a professional diving center, among other amenities.

Imperial Yachts is renting a boat for a minimum of $ 3.5 million a week, according to information from the dealer’s website. Other details about the boat

It has an impressive design, with ample space and a spectacular design, making for a great space with sea terraces, back pool and floors. In addition, it is thought to have two “dual heliports”, a spa area, a cinema with seats, and other places.