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Woman loses her job for recording TikToks;  They raised his salary

Woman loses her job for recording TikToks; They raised his salary

Create content Social websites It has become an act of doing through Millions of people All over the world, though many have achieved success By this kind of work, others have truly lived dreams.

The above samples are a American Girl That He lost his job Because he is a Tiktok In his working day, the saddest part of the story was recently was promoted of “Six Figures”That is, in million dollars year.

The story of a woman who lost her job for a Tik Tok post

Through your profile TikTok, Michelle Cerna (@brokeasshorsegirl) shared with her followers an experience she had after deciding to record a short video while working for an agency. Las Vegas.

According to his story, in the short clip he took and shared, a sound could be heard in the background. The voice of many of his comradesOneYesPeople in a crowd.

“I was at the weekly meeting. They were in a conversation that had nothing to do with me., so I set up the camera, recorded a 20-second video, and hit publish. “I thought nothing of it.”

Although the young woman noticed the voices, she did not pay much attention to this detail; However, it was correct The reason The next day department Human resources Remove her as a reason “gross negligence” In work.

Why was she fired?

In arguments, they justified the woman's dismissal from the company she barely belonged to. 8 monthsThere were: creating a personal video during work hours, No consent from your co-workers or company for that matter, Record a secret conversation and violates the trust of the company.

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