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Defense of Juan Orlando Hernandez warns of disinformation campaign

Defense of Juan Orlando Hernandez warns of disinformation campaign

The defense team of former President Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) condemned this Tuesday, through a statement, a false campaign, and indicated that the prosecutor's office was late in providing information.

The reality is that closer to the trial date, the information provided by the prosecution was known only to attorneys authorized by the Southern District Court. Everything else turns out to be guesswork and misinformation.

They point out that this process is very important not only for former President Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado and his family, but also for the entire Honduran people, and therefore – seeking the highest interests of Honduras – must have objectivity and professional privilege. Analysis and discussion of these very delicate topics, especially if you know, are all interests at stake.

Less than a month before the trial start date, the defense establishes that the prosecutor's office provides late information—outside the established deadline of 60 days prior to the trial date—leaving our client defenseless. will be processed by the security team; A team without the same logistical, financial and human resources compared to teams at the disposal of the Southern District Attorney's Office.

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