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Cuba, who lives in his van in Miami, speaks: “Everything fell apart”

Cuba, who lives in his van in Miami, speaks: “Everything fell apart”

A Cuban living in the US for a year and a half He chose to live in his truck because of the high cost of rent. In Miami-Dade County, he admits the decision in his case was preceded by a tumultuous personal period.

“Everything fell apart…divorce, problems, very expensive rents…no insurance and nothing…and it gets worse every day”He explained in reports to TikToker Tyrone Kano.

“This video is funny, but it has a purpose, it has a message, a sign…” Cuban said at another point, showing that he could live in a van to avoid high prices. of rent.

Arriving in America as far back as 1967, for more than five decades, undeterred by his current situation, this Cuban ticktoker has been teaching resilience and positivity based on the tone of his statements. A video that went viral a few months back has garnered over 12 million views so far.

In recent days Diron Cano surprised the Cuban who lives in his van in Miami With a gift as a token of gratitude. He gave a card to buy a shirt, a cap and a hat Nike and 100 dollars in cash.

“We're going to help each other, the Cuban helps himself, the Cuban doesn't blame himself, and I wanted to give you this gift. Brother. I hope you like it and give it to you with lots of love and affection. God bless you, you are a warrior,” Tiktoker told him.

“Yuma has gotten really bad. A ability It costs 1,300 pesos. Here you can spend a month with 100 pesos, and you decide, calmly…”Cuban commits to Tairon Cano in first video

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In that case, the man converted the interior of his truck into a house, with a bed, a television and even an air conditioner installed in the back of the vehicle, all powered by an electric generator.

“The boy lives here in peace and rest, the boy does not pay rent, does not pay electricity, does not pay water, he does not have any problems. Be careful with this, you're going to save a lot of money,” TikToker commented on the occasion, noting that the man could park his home truck in front of a Walmart or Polo Tropical establishment or wherever.

The images generated hundreds of comments and debates, from those who agreed that housing rent prices were unaffordable, to those who applauded this Cuban saving effort, to those who thought it was wrong. This is