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"Monotonia", singer Shakira's revenge against Pique |  People

“Monotonia”, singer Shakira’s revenge against Pique | People

26-word statement It was enough to announce their separation. Gerard Pique, 35, and Shakira, 45, ended their relationship last June after 12 years together and two children together, Milan and Sasha. Nearly five months after the news broke, the Colombian singer performed her first post-breakup song, routine, With Puerto Rican OzunaAnd the This leaves clues to what happened with the Catalan footballer.

There were ten minutes left before the big premiere and on Shakira’s official music channel there were 19,518 users waiting. The Colombian singer’s followers started the countdown in the chat. Everyone was waiting for the revenge singing.

People from all over Latin America told in the YouTube community how Shakira’s songs helped them overcome their love disappointments. Giovanni from Peru commented, “What a great example to conquer.” User Xiomara Vargas replied: “In the darkest moments of her life, music saved her and through this song she expressed her feelings to us.”

In the video, Shakira talks about love and accepts that she is not dead but insists that her self-respect is the most important. Use phrases such as: “This love is not dead, but it is really delusional.” Or: “I love you, but I love myself more.”

In addition, the singer breaks down and says, in an apparent reference to her ex-partner, that she did not say anything to him, but it hurts. “I forgot what we were once” or “You left me because of your narcissism” are some of the phrases that all his followers quickly began to share on the networks.

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Day in and day out since October 6, when the song’s premiere was announced, Shakira has been posting on her Instagram account – where she has nearly 77 million followers – a small progression: “It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t mine, it was a mistake out of monotony”, The artist sang in one of her first promotions. Since then, the artist has continued to publish references. One of the most shocking things, which helped raise expectations on the subject, was a short video clip in which a man is seen trampling on what appears to be a human heart. In other photos, the heart (which is already in the form of an illustration) was pierced with a knife. One of his last releases, before the expected premiere, was an audio version of one of the song’s lines. The subtitled video is as emotional and emotional as the first teaser from the video clip.

A month before the breakup was announced, when rumors of a possible breakup were gaining more and more strength, Shakira published with Rauw Alejandro our endAnd the A topic that talks about marital infidelity and how the affected person discovers it. The fact is that shortly after publicly parting, Pique was linked to Clara Shea, a 23-year-old student with whom he supposedly met in early 2022. Soon, it was the same couple who confirmed the engagement. They have already been seen together at concerts, football matches, trips … In addition, Chía has been working for months at CosmosFootball player audiovisual product.

In his first interview, after breaking up with Pique, The singer confirmed to the magazine she It was in “one of the hardest and darkest hours” of his life. In addition, I explained to her that, Writing music was “like going to a psychiatrist.” and his “forsaken table”. A few words that show the artist will use her songs to tell how she lived the breakup and the reasons they made the decision: infidelity? routine? heartbreak?

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Shakira and Pique support Rafael Nadal at the US Open in New York in 2019.GT

In addition, he claimed in the interview that he left his music career aside because of their relationship: “Or that he left his contract with Barcelona and moved with me to the United States, where my career is; or I would do that instead. One of them had to make the effort and I did. I have. I put my career in the background and came to Spain to support him. It was an act of love.”

It remains to be seen what will happen to the custody of their two children and what the future lives of both of them will be like. Although it seems that they are going down two very separate paths: he wants to stay in Spain and you want to move to the United States. It will be in the courts where everything will be decided in the event of no agreement, as it will happen in the foreseeable future.