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Moises Muñoz revealed problems between Mohamed and Paul Aguilar in America

Moises Muñoz revealed problems between Mohamed and Paul Aguilar in America

The relationship between Paul Aguilar and Antonio Muhammed in America did not have good times, as revealed by Moises Muñoz.

Musa Munoz, the former goalkeeper of America, revealed the lawsuits filed Paul Aguilar and Antonio Mohamed During the 2014 Apertura, a situation that had an impact on the departure of ‘Turco’ at the end of their final match they won over Tigres.

Additionally, ‘Portero del Milagro’, as he is known for his 2013 Clausura performance against Cruz Azul, confirmed that the players chose Mohamed as the then right-back and their record successor.

After the semi-final there was a very strong problem with Mohamed. He was so strong that he pushed him away from the team and said goodbye. These days of the end. We understood as a group that what Paul did was very wrong and that he was wrong. It was not a technical fault but a player’s fault. He ignored those of us who wanted to advise himMoses said.

“Miguel Laine, Rubens Sampiosa and Uribe Peralta went to tell Pelaez what had happened. We explained everything to Ricciardo and he had no context. He tells us what they want.”

Before going with Ricardo, we all gathered and said, What’s best for us? They said, Coach suits us, let’s see, do you agree that what Paul did was wrong? Yes, they all said yes. We spoke with Ricciardo, we told him that the group agreed and that we wanted the coach. Pelayes goes with Mohamed and goes out to run the final. Paul went on vacation, Pelayes told him. See you next tournament. We are heroes against Tigris and Mohamed leavesغادر, Confided Muñoz.

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He even documented that due to problems that occurred, “Turco” left training the day after the team left for Peláez in the week before the final, where the entire coaching staff took over.

“Muhammad runs it, and goes with Ricardo Pelaez to tell him he’s leaving. Pelaez says, don’t wait, if we’re going to play the final, how are you? Pelaez arrives and says to Mohamed, do Paul have to mingle. You have Mohamed and Pelaez problems, so much so that Mohamed says to him, There is your team , Play the final. Mohammed leaves with the technical staff of his club.”

“Paul Aguilar was a standard for the team, a hero and a player who wasn’t a mother. He got along well with everyone, nobody had a problem with him, but he had personal issues with Mohamed, who was the coach,” he said on the Wirevertomuro podcast.

“Muhammad never put it aside because he understood that he needed it. Since Paul had no problems with the group, he was just with him, he said he was holding on to it and that the group needed him,” concluded the goalkeeper.