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Minutes from the Copa Sudamericana duel

The nearly 15 days of preparation that Junior had for this game was of little use. Tolima controlled him and his feet from the first minute. Through a rather physical and intense match, the locals beat those led by Arturo Reyes, who could not find the ball.

It seemed that the hosts would quickly open the recording, and so it happened. Junior Hernandez, who made the left winger his quick way to come and go when he wanted, rounded off a good performance with a precise shot that Carlos Sierra came in late and half-heartedly trying to avoid.

Impossible for Vieira because of the location and power. Great goal to put him at ease and make things more convenient for the locals. He was close to scoring the second goal in an incomprehensible blink of Ivan Scarpetta against Brian Gill that Vieira came out to make amends just in time.

Without control of the ball, disordered in its approach, cold to recover and unable to balance the power offered by the opponent, the coaching staff resigned from Plan A and sent two substitutions onto the field: Luis ‘Cariaco’ González for Luis Sandoval, that he was contributing absolutely nothing. , and Didier Moreno for John Velez, whose inexperience may have been sacrificed because he didn’t hit as hard as “El Chino”.

Junior manages to get rid of “Pijaos” with changes. At least they are no longer playing alone in the Vieira area, and Juan Fernando Quintero, with the help of Didier and Quintero, is beginning to appear more, although not finding an echo in Carlos Baca and the rest of the players, still immersed in a sea of ​​inaccuracies.

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In any case, their offensive progression lacks quality, clarity and strength.