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Cancillería se desliga de protesta donde participó empleada contra acto de Abel Martínez en NY

Ministry of Foreign Affairs withdraws from an employee protest against Abel Martinez’s action in NY

The State Department clarified that the protest in New York had nothing to do with a group shouting against Santiago Mayor Abel Martinez.

The incident took place when Martinez was attending a meeting of leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party in Manhattan, New York.

The PLD leadership alleges that Marilus Ferman, an employee of the Dominican Institute (INDEX) abroad, also serves as vice president of the PRM division in Manhattan.

The State Department said Ferman’s personal decision outside of his working hours was the reason for the move.

“The Foreign Ministry makes it clear that it has nothing to do with the protest in New York, in which the INDEX employee took part, which is a personal decision outside of his working hours,” a twist published by the Chancellor said.

Yesterday, representatives of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) regretted the move to try to boycott Martinez’s visit to the legislature as part of an agenda that Martinez was creating in New York.

They saw the event as a sign of frustration with the progress the opposition was making in the run-up to the 2024 elections.

To Palisa as PRM leader and Louis Abinader as head of the Dominican government, they hired their own people and put order in the house because that officer was not invited to watch the film on the Dominican community in New Jersey, “said Gustavo Sanchez, spokesman for the PLT delegates.

He said the ruling party was concerned about the support that Abel Martinez would receive in the United States. “It is natural for them to be frustrated, but there must be an order to everything in life, above all respect for democracy,” Gustavo Sanchez said.

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