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The Central American immigrant caravan travels from Mexico to the United States

The Central American immigrant caravan travels from Mexico to the United States

Tapasula, Mexico.

A Caravan About 600 immigrants Central Americans, Haitians And Venezuelan people Departed this Saturday from Mexico City தபசுல, In the southeastern state of Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala, in the direction United States.

At 8:00 a.m. (13:00 GMT) local time, the first group of about 300 foreigners left Central Park, where they walked about two kilometers before joining the road.

An hour or two later, they joined the caravan and waited for a group of similar Haitian immigrants to leave for the United States.

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“We want to leave Tijuana, Hermosillo or Macadlon without hurting anyone because 95% of the people want to go north,” said a Venezuelan immigrant. Mexican government A humanitarian walkway to the north.

Tapachula, on the border Guatemala, Amassing more than 125,000 immigrants, many of whom are sleeping on the streets, who have been condemning the collapse of the municipality for months.

The caravan was able to advance only about seven kilometers so far in the midst of intense heat and without being stopped by immigration officials.

Foreigners were able to cross the community’s first checkpoint Long live Mexico, The main exit from Tapasula to the state capital, Tuxla Gutters.

In the case of Chiapas There are more than 14,000 components Army, The Marina And this National Guard Stop the migration flow Central America.

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Migration to Mexico has increased since October 2018, with caravans of thousands of immigrants, mostly Central Americans, beginning to enter the country to reach the United States.

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During the presidency Joe Biden Came to White House, Suspended his predecessor Donald Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” program, forcing asylum seekers from waiting for visitors from Mexican territory, with thousands stranded in border camps.

The United States detained 212,672 undocumented immigrants on its southern border last July, the highest flow in 20 years.

Last Tuesday, Supreme Court of the United States Upheld the judge’s order reinstating the plan “Stay in Mexico”.