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Diputados del PLD dicen manipularon video y utilizaron audios falsos en acto contra Abel Martínez ayer en Manhattan

PLT representatives say they manipulated the video of the action against Abel Martinez yesterday in Manhattan and used abusive audio.

Representatives of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) regretted an attempt to boycott the visit of presidential candidate Abel Martinez to an assembly in Manhattan yesterday.

They accused the true members of the Modern Revolutionary Party (BRD), led by Marilus Ferman, vice president of the PRM faction in Manhattan, of being an expression of frustration for progress. 2024 election.

The reaction comes after a video aired showing Abel Martinez and her entourage coming to an establishment on a tour of the United States, where a group of people waited, raising different slogans with loudspeakers in their hands against her.

To Palisa as PRM leader and Louis Abinader as head of the Dominican government, they hired their own people and put order in the house because that officer was not invited to watch the film on the Dominican community in New Jersey, “said Gustavo Sanchez, spokesman for the PLT delegates.

He said the ruling party was concerned about the support that Abel Martinez would receive in the United States. “It is natural for them to be frustrated, but there must be an order to everything in life, above all respect for democracy,” Gustavo Sanchez said.

They regret the many needs and lack of support of Dominican immigrants in the United States, who define them as a hard-working and supportive community, an official of the Dominican Institute of Institution argues that the relationship with citizens should be strengthened if she is to stand up for her position.

On his side, Bonavo’s Vice President Maria Mercedes Fernandez pledged that she would be a champion of freedom of expression and the right of any citizen to express their feelings, but in the case of the INTEX official, “this is largely due to the reception of Abel Martinez’s welcome speech by Dominican people abroad. , It becomes clear that this is the directed action.

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A group of 25 delegates accompanying Abel Martinez to meetings in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, along with PLT leaders and Dominican diaspora community leaders, confirm that it is “unacceptable.” They were then caught, after performing “their circus” in another video, leaving what they wanted.

legislative Assembly

The PLD’s presidential nominee, during the assembly, goes beyond the borders of his commitment to everything that represents the Dominican Republic, hand in hand with the desire and passion of Dominicans living outside the country.

While leading the operation in Upper Manhattan, a pro-women movement and another youth joined Abel, Martinez said he has always recognized the feelings of expatriates who are permanently attached to his country and his people.

He pointed out that although the diaspora represents a strong and important hand in sending money to the Dominican economy, they do not really take into account many issues, and Dominicans living abroad, especially in the United States, are certainly very important to our country’s economy, ”said Abel Martinez.