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Immigrants revolted in Tapasula

Immigrants revolted in Tapasula

Tired of waiting, 500 to 700 immigrants left Tapasula (Chiapas) together and decided to head north in search of a better place to wait for refugee requests to be answered. They left as a group on Saturday, and despite the National Guard trying to stop them, they continued to walk, but were already scattered. The odds of life, the team advanced on Saturday at the same time in the morning Towards the north, The vehicle of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who was touring in Chiapas, passed by.

One day later, this Sunday, he addressed them: “We are going to continue, but we need to look for deeper solutions.” Lopez Obrador did not mention Mexico’s role in the new crisis, but called on the United States to open its hand: They have no employees, how can the aging population grow without workers? He told the Biden government.

In the video, the moment when immigrants face elements of national security and INMPhoto Quartoscro | Video: EPV

At that time Sunday The Caravan It was already dissipated by blows and grips among those who could run, mainly by Haitians, many who had previously come to Chile, where they had lived since the 2010 earthquake, where more than 250,000 people died. Others fled the country during this last and critical month in the Caribbean, in which they assassinated their president and An earthquake Force 7 destroyed the Les Case area. Almost daily flights for two weeks arrive from Texas to Chiapas and Tabasco with hundreds. Exiled Central Americans.

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The decision to leave the border city was a reaction to the administrative peace of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance, an organization that responds to refugee demands (Gomer). The bulk of the problem is that the commission is overdue and takes more than a year to resolve requests even though it is obligated to fulfill requests within three months.

Immigrant families travel through Tapasula, Chiapas.
Immigrant families travel through Tapasula, Chiapas.Pedro Anza / CUARTOSCURO

As they explain, many immigrants want to complete this process and do not want to reach the United States, but have to leave Sybas in search of some other cities to leave. “The important thing is not to cross the border, but to leave Tapasula to find another way to work elsewhere. There is no work in Chiapas. There is no way to live in Chiapas. People treat us like animals if we are refugees. Young Haitian explained.

Needs and demands are not new. Last week, immigrants staged demonstrations at the gates of the National Organization for Migration (INM) and Gomer, demanding that they expedite their operations. According to Mexican government law, immigrants cannot leave the city where they began the process, unless, in this case, the city of Tapasula, until Gomer rules on every request. Precisely Gomer is one of the companies that has slashed its budget the most and despite facing a growing humanitarian crisis every day its staff has been significantly reduced and the border city is seen as a provincial city. Just the infrastructure and some decent jobs, the bag was filled with thousands of immigrants without the peso or too much aggression to wait. Appointments for Gomer are currently being made in January and human rights groups have condemned the deportation of Central Americans and Caribbean people.

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A human rights group (COMDHSM) following the caravan’s departure yesterday condemned the “excessive and unjustified security forces” comprising 50 military vehicles from the National Security and Migration Agency. . “People were attacked, beaten, beaten with shields and sticks; carrying long weapons was identified as carrying elements of the army, civilian-clad INM elements and unidentified security agents carrying civilian clothes and guns inciting aggression.

Conflict between elements of the National Guard and immigrant families.
Conflict between elements of the National Guard and immigrant families. Pedro Anza / CUARTOSCURO

A ‘shield’ used by Mexico to prevent the evacuation of 14,000 units of the Army, Navy and National Guard 650 kilometers away Border between Chiapas and Guatemala.

According to Secretary of Defense Gen. Luis Crescenzio Sandoval, he acknowledged that military operations in the south of the country were “the main purpose” of preventing immigration, “he said on Friday. “He coincided with Lopez Obrador’s regional visit to Chiapas. One day ago, Lopez Obrador assisted in his relocation to Washington” following the US Supreme Court ruling re-enforcing the so-called “stay in Mexico immigration protection protocol (MPP,” in English). “

The area is inhabited by a Migration record waveThe Migración de México (INM) has officially registered 382,000 “irregular entries” in the past two years, with more than 212,000 undocumented detainees detained at the U.S. border in July.

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