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MININT warns against selling fake passports, visas and air tickets in Cuba

MININT warns against selling fake passports, visas and air tickets in Cuba

The Ministry of the Interior (MININT) Recommended for Cubans No documents were obtained for going abroad other than the official route. At Program Round table, On state television, Colonel Mario Mendes Maydo, head of the ministry’s Department of Identity, Immigration and Aliens, said there were numerous fraud cases related to the sale of visas, passports and airline tickets.

Cuban officials have announced that in 2021 they will be spotted crossing the border More than 230 islanders sought employment Fraudulent travel documents Or purchased illegally.

Méndez Mayedo also warned Illegal departures on dangerous boats have increased. The U.S. Coast Guard frequently reports that Cuban immigrants have been caught at sea. According to the Cuban Colonel, Only in 2021 Were deported to Cuba Total 1,546 Cubans.

Since last October 1, 2021, the team Coast Guard They have reclaimed 557 Cubans, 259 of the 2018 financial year, 313 in 2019 and 49 in 2020, the largest number ever.

Last week, the U.S. Coast Guard They deported 119 and 26 Cuban rafters in two days, Respectively, The result of nearly a dozen interceptions between the last week of 2021 and the first days of the current year.

In Round table, Director General of Diplomatic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the attention of expatriates (Minrex), Ernesto Soberon, Also referred to as Immigration IrregularDue to the severe economic crisis and the lack of basic necessities, it has multiplied, along with other problems with crossing the island.

The officer blamed the government To us That the Cubans are throwing into the sea. He said the ban and non-compliance with White House immigration agreements.Encourage illegal immigration.

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The government generally makes no mention of the repression of liberties and fundamental rights and the distrust of Cuba.Those who do not see the opportunity to create a future for their families on the island Reasons why many, especially young people, leave the country.