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Rudy Giuliani leads false voter campaign in seven states where Trump failed Univision News Politics

Rudy Giuliani leads false voter campaign in seven states where Trump failed Univision News Politics

Adviser to former Mayor of New York and former President Donald Trump Rudolf Giuliani, On January 6, 2021, concerted efforts to certify abusive voters in favor of the Republican Party to reverse the Electoral College’s vote count were violently interrupted for several hours. Infiltration of a mob of supporters of the then president In the Capitol building.

Giuliani promoted the move to introduce abusive voters in at least seven states where the former president failed, and spoke with members of the Republican campaign, both anonymously and anonymously, according to various media reports.

The “Alternative Voters” program covers Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico.

According to reports, Giuliani rallied supporters of the former president to replace legally elected and certified voters in various states and coordinated that meeting of illegal voters in state parliaments on December 14, 2020. In addition, he distributed draft forged certificates. Sent to the National Archives.

Giuliani’s False Voters ‘Short Circuit’ for Election College

The ceremony takes place “first Monday after the second Wednesday in December” following elections in each state, in which voters cast their ballots for the candidate they represent. Therefore, the US presidential election is considered secondary.

Once the ‘popular vote’ count is officially announced by the state departments that manage the elections, governors will sign a verification certificate authorizing voters to participate in the election college.

According to Republican sources, who have been consulted by various media outlets, if Trump wins various cases of alleged election fraud, it will be part of a strategy to ensure that his voter certification is already advanced.

Giuliani himself told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in an interview on his political podcast that he was doing so based on his team’s legal research and “the advice we received from various professors.”

“Attempt to falsify public record”

In a post obtained by CNN, Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party and one of those abusive voters, boasted of trying to change the electorate at the request of the Trump campaign. He was one of 16 Trump supporters in Michigan, signing an abusive certificate he sent to the National Archives.

“We are fighting to get voters to sit down. The Trump campaign has asked us to do that,” he said at a public event organized by a conservative group last week. “The campaign was m enough … blown against the wall to see what would stay,” he said.

But not all alternative voters signed the documents without objection. Some called for the Trump campaign to make it clear that they are only conditional voters ( Inside Waiting), Trump’s fraudulent claims should prevail.

Only Pennsylvania and New Mexico added these warnings, but the other five states have issued certificates to change the formalities.

Said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat Washington Post The sending of those fraudulent election certificates to the National Archives and government officials turned a discriminatory event into an “attempt to falsify the public record” that undermines the very structure of the American political system.

January 6 What is the Committee investigating?

As Trump publicly insisted, Biden expelled voters on Jan. 6, and Benz did not eventually replace Republican voters during that day’s election college vote count.

The congressional selection committee is examining the matter and the state attorney general to determine the extent of his involvement in the Trump campaign and whether any crime was committed.

The Attorney General of Michigan and New Mexico asked the federal prosecutor’s office to investigate. If crimes have taken place When collecting or distributing the list of Trump election votes.

According to Benny Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who heads the group, they are investigating whether there is a broader conspiracy or involvement of the Trump administration in creating these alternatives.

This week, the committee issued a sapona letter to Giuliani, outlining his efforts to persuade state legislatures to change the election results.

Citing Giuliani’s comments in December 2020, he called on Michigan lawmakers to give the state’s electoral vote to Trump, with no legal basis or evidence. Alleged “fraud” against you.

Last week, Trump campaign adviser Boris Epstein admitted to the newspaper Washington Post Giuliani’s attempt to change the electoral vote “fully complied with the plan to return the election results to the states.”