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Michelle Salas is traveling for an emergency New Year's Eve, why?

Michelle Salas is traveling for an emergency New Year’s Eve, why?

Later, Donna Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter revealed: “I am writing this from the clinic where she is being treated for a small tumor on her tongue that was discovered two days ago. I still don’t want to lose faith, there are times when I feel like I’m crumbling into 1,000 pieces. I just ask you to You preserve it in your prayers and ask about it.”

Stephanie Salas’ daughter realized that 2021 was a difficult year with a lot of learning.

Finally, Michelle admitted her hopes that her beloved pet would recover. “This cat has been my partner for 8 years, my best friend, he is the one I love the most. Sometimes you wonder why he is but God knows why he does things and I wish from the bottom of my heart that he would help him out of this. Infinite thanks.”

Michel Salas and Silvia Piñal
Michelle Salas has been aware of the health of her great-grandmother, Donna Silvia Pinal, who is recovering positively at home after testing positive for Covid.

Michelle Salas passed a few days after arriving in Mexico where she planned to spend Christmas with her family, including the mothers of the Pinal breed, a wish that did not come true because the first actress was diagnosed with Covid-19 in the hospital, so far it keeps her isolated at home without any symptoms.

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