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Miami, how much should you pay to rent on your own?

Miami, how much should you pay to rent on your own?

Miami.- Miami is one of the worst places in the country to rent a car Place of residence Alone, a segment of renters is thriving despite adversity, according to a study by RentCafe, a platform rent Connected.

The analysis indicates that living alone in the Miami metropolitan area involves significant financial sacrifices. “A person who decides to rent alone needs an additional average income of $1,000 per month. When compared to those who live as a couple or share the rent. This makes Miami one of the most challenging places for solo renters, surpassing other urban centers such as Sacramento, California or Orlando.” .

Miami single tenants

The study highlights that the monthly income gap between single renters and renters who rent with two or more people, at $1,036 in the Miami metropolitan area, is the second largest income gap in Florida, exceeded only by Golden Gate in Naples ($1,174).

In Miami, single renters earn an average of $43,434 per year to maintain their lifestyle, which is higher than the $31,003 earned by renters who share or live as a couple.

Despite the additional costs, the number of people renting alone in this vibrant urban area has increased by 10% in recent years. There are currently 293,599 renters living alone here, either by choice or necessity, representing 12% of Miami’s total renter population.

On the other hand, the cheapest option within the Sunshine State for single renters is Deltona in Volusia County, northeast of Orlando, where the average income for these renters is $32,209 per year and the individual-family gap is $269 per month. Next is Gainesville whose monthly gap between lone and non-lone renters is $439 per month. Gainesville has the highest percentage of lone renters in Florida at 19.8% of its population.

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Rent in the USA

In the United States, there are 16.7 million renters living alone, a trend that continues to rise.

A nationwide RentCafe study indicates that renting alone is more difficult in cities like San Jose and Santa Maria, California, where solo renters need more than $2,000 in additional income per month. On the other hand, Akron, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are the cheapest places for single renters, and the extra income you need is $300 per month.

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