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Hombres vestidos de policías atracan a una familia que llegó desde Estados Unidos por el aeropuerto Cibao

Men disguised as police have robbed a family arriving from the United States through Chibao Airport

Minutes after arriving in the country via Chibao Airport from the United States, several armed men, dressed as policemen, confiscated the belongings of some seven people.

The robbery took place in the early hours of Sunday morning.The moment seven passengers, affecting children, were traveling from Chibao International Airport to the Katbu community in La Vega.

Dominicans Manga Larga were intercepted in the communityNear La Vega, they were stripped of 10 suitcases, $15,000, their clothes and cell phones.

One of the bandits, Danilo Abreu, who has not been in the country for 10 years, expressed his outrage at what happened.

Abreu explained that the four men were dressed as police. In a jeep Brand Ford Runner, they were held at gunpoint and forced to hand over all their possessions.

He explained that of the seven people who were robbed, four of them were from the United States and the other three went to look for them at the airport terminal in Santiago.

Passengers said they rushed to the La Vega police station to lodge a complaint and no one saw them, and only after 4 hours did they pay attention.

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