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Medicine raises its own record and sets the cut-off mark at 13.46

Medicine raises its own record and sets the cut-off mark at 13.46

Ciudad Real’s medicine score has raised again, a few hundredths, the cut-off mark in first admission and stands at 13.46. This is the highest score ever recorded by a faculty member at Ciudad Real, although between the second, third, and fourth readmissions, it is certain to drop in the near future. All in all, it’s a symbol of how medicine continues to be the highest-cutting degree on the Ciudad Real campus, waiting to see what happens to mathematics, which will be released and announced this week.

To get this far, the medical degree has garnered more than 4,000 pre-registrations, with nearly 2,000 people choosing it as their first choice. A sample of the importance of a medical school in Ciudad Real, among other aspects, with a graduate who was number 1 in the MIR exam, which he officially put on the map two years ago, with his study plan marked by practice and classes with a small number of students.

The dean of the faculty, Enmaculada Ballesteros, stated that those who choose to study medicine are students who have “a lot of profession” and who know they want to carry out these studies, which leads to pre-registration in all the faculties of Spain. This means that the dance of readmissions now begins with students accepted in Ciudad Real as well as in nearby universities, so enrollment moves from one faculty to another. Last year, it increased from 13,385 from the first admission, the current moment, to 13,192 from the fourth re-admission. A tenth after that were hundreds of students who quit. Indeed, the fork is so small for pre-registered students that between the first, 13.995, and the last to enter, 13.46, there is hardly half a point. This 0.5 separates the first accepted one representing the cutoff, #81.

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Students in a medical class – Photo: Rueda Villaverde

This situation indicates that there are more students authorized to enroll than places are available, an overbooking that occurs in medicine, but also in nursing, which is the second profession by final score in Ciudad Real and that this year it has 11811. Likewise, this score will decrease in the last Re-acceptance. In nursing, the scale is higher, with the first admission having a 13.8, while the cut is down a few tenths, it was 12.081, in the most recent admission starting last year.

The dean of medicine said that the health degrees are “in great demand,” noting that the same is happening in the new degrees, such as psychology, physics or mathematics, taught in Ciudad Real, which last week reached the 300 pre-registered.

Also new to this pre-registration process are the degrees of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, which have numbers that are “much higher than places in chemistry, chemical engineering, food science and technology, and are a little tighter,” said its dean, Manuel Andrés. Rodrigo. “We’re very happy, basically, with high grades,” said the dean.

The enrollment period for these students will remain open through July 19, and up to four readmissions will follow, in a process that usually lasts until the fall.