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Medicine asks for a deadline to transfer students

Medicine asks for a deadline to transfer students

On the verge of knowing the cut-off marks for university degrees, the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Lleida (UdL), Ana Casanovas, raises the need to put a time limit on the movement of first-year students between state colleges, as she confirms her presence in Catalonia. He noted that it is common for students from abroad to enroll in medicine at UdL who are simultaneously attending other centres. He explains that it often happens that they enter Lleida, start studying and even take their first exams and leave when they are told they have been accepted to another college.

“For example, in Zaragoza they have time until the end of November, and if they are asked to enter, then four students will disappear and we have to reopen the list to see if the new students want to come,” despite the fact that in Catalonia, he noted that movements are limited. Until October 15. He stressed that this position represents a misrepresentation of both the centers and the students themselves, and stated that he had already begun to raise it at the conference of government deans of medicine. On the other hand, the Inter-University Council of Catalonia yesterday formed the Commission for Social and Community Commitment, which aims to “open universities to society and make them a useful and necessary factor for the citizens they serve,” as Universities Minister Jemma explained. Geis.

To do this, this body will promote activities and projects that connect knowledge with society, will develop programs in the field of cooperation and will study proposals to promote volunteerism that enhances the social impact of the university system. In this sense, it will work on proposals for the inclusion of people at risk, at risk of exclusion or discrimination, and will propose measures to improve sustainability and health and measures to ensure the free expression of gender in the university environment.

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