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Medicare on time, key to avoiding admission into the ICU

Medicare on time, key to avoiding admission into the ICU

Weeks have passed in a state of convulsion and despair. However, the most important moment is far from over. On the outskirts of Clinics and hospitals Citizens are still seen in dire need of a Kama uci This requires soon to fight this mysterious virus.

The rapid progress that the disease has witnessed in the city in recent weeks is reflected in the harmful effects it causes on the bodies of dozens of infected people. Within days, the virus Your health has deteriorated, So much so, that they had to be confined to the ICU in search of saving their lives.

the doctor Carlos Alberto Montoya Heveri He argued that early detection of complications caused by Covid-19 It facilitates timely treatment, reduces the chances of progression to more severe stages of the disease, and thus reduces the need for ICU admission.

“The percentage of patients who enter the intensive care unit and manage to overcome Covid-19 is very variable, as it depends on the time of illness and the opportunity to allocate a bed in the ICU, their age, personal history, and the administration provided in advance,” explained a director EMI medical audit.

for him Clinical epidemiologist Andres Philippe Estopinan Burkes, Although there is “overcrowding” in emergency and hospital services due to the increase in consultations for SARS-CoV-2-related acute respiratory diseases, there are “many other diseases” that require adequate hospitalization and should not be ignored.

“The warning symptoms that should lead to seeking medical care are those that put a person’s vital state at risk, or those that create the risk of disability or even common illnesses that make us believe that our health is in danger. Without ceasing to be rational The specialist said at the time of requesting the service that we are requesting.

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He pointed out that the timely medical care increases the chances of obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment faster, and reduces the uncertainty in the face of doubt about the disease.

He added, “Medical work is not easy, but as much as it is done in time, it will be more beneficial to the patient and the health workers who take care of him.”

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Estupiñán also made a call to not tie the ICU to a dark place, but K. A space designed to save lives And monitor patients more strictly according to their ailments.

He stressed that “there are times when treating disease is unavoidable, and the important thing is not to avoid access to the intensive care unit, but that patients receive the best care possible always on duty as they are admitted to hospital.”

at the same time Doctor Enrique Treviño Fernandez He pointed out that “when the patient takes the path of the intensive care unit, it is because there are failures in many of the organs. At this stage, the death rate was very high, because of 10 patients who were admitted, only 2 or 3 were saved.”

He explained that to avoid the rapid deterioration of health, it is necessary to avoid “an increase in the viral load, while taking antioxidants or drugs that allow to combat them.”

For this part, Dinno Fernández, internist and infection doctorIn medical studies, it has been shown that the risk of developing a more serious disease increases “significantly” with a higher body mass index (BMI).

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“The risk of admission to the ICU jumped from 6% in those with a BMI 40 a 44,9 al 19% In those with a BMI of 45 or more, ”the specialist explained, who also explained that being underweight is associated with a higher risk of hospitalization.