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McDonald’s Restaurants In Florida Pay $ 50 To Go To A Job Interview | Nevision 23 Miami WLTV

Blake Casper, a McDonald’s franchise owner with 60 restaurants in the Tampa area, Florida, For Business Insider magazine You are having difficulty getting employees, forcing you to take extraordinary actions, How to submit $ 50 For those who are only attending a job interview.

The idea of ​​offering money for an interview, Diego Casper is an insider businessmanIt was from his general manager, who would have told him he had to do “whatever it takes” to get new employees.

Casper added: “At this point, if we cannot continue driving, I will pay up to $ 50 for an interview.”

According to the business owner, a situation arises where people spend more for the money they got On the $ 1,400 economic stimulus checkBut the rise in unemployment benefits has reduced the number of people wanting to work, making what he calls a “perfect storm”.

However, other exceptional measures, such as offering bonuses and hiring incentives such as a higher hourly wage and the ability to apply for jobs via text messages, have given you better results.

South Florida companies grapple with a shortage of employees: now offer incentives to lure them


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