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Elon Musk talks about Mars tourism

Elon Musk talks about Mars tourism

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has been outspoken about Mars exploration In an interview, he casually stating that “a lot of people might die at first.”

XPrize founder and president, Peter Diamandis, declared during a live broadcast Thursday announcing the $ 100 million carbon removal project that going to Mars is not an “escape route for the rich.”

XPrize describes itself as an organization that uses “large-scale global incentive contests to seek collective solutions to the world’s major challenges.”

The $ 100 million XPrize carbon removal competition challenges people to develop projects that conserve and remove carbon dioxide, in an effort to curb the high-risk emissions currently being released into the atmosphere.

Dangerous, uncomfortable, long …

Musk warned during the interview that traveling to Mars would be “dangerous and inconvenient, it is a long journey, it may not come back alive, but it is a glorious adventure and it will be an incredible experience.”

“And his name will go down in history,” Dr. Diamandis.

Musk replied, “Maybe not.” “It would be uncomfortable and you probably wouldn’t have good food and all that stuff, you know.”

“If it is a dangerous and arduous journey that you may not come back alive from, but it is a glorious adventure, it looks attractive, then Mars is the place. This is the announcement of Mars,” Musk said.

“And there are still thousands of volunteers, if not millions of volunteers who want to go,” said Dr. Diamandis.

Musk said, “Honestly, a group of people would probably die in the beginning. It’s hard to skate in there, you know.”

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“We are not letting anyone go,” he added. “They are just volunteers,” Musk said with a laugh.

Mask barefoot spoke with Dr. Diamandis Thursday in Cape Canaveral, on Florida’s east coast.

The challenge announced in the live broadcast aims to “meet the greatest threat facing humanity: combating climate change and rebalancing the Earth’s carbon cycle,” says the competition site.

“This four-year global competition invites innovators and teams from anywhere on the planet to innovate and demonstrate solutions that can extract carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and capture it in a permanent and sustainable way,” the site says.

The competition is funded by the charity Mask Foundation. $ 100 million would be the largest amount the foundation has ever made.


Musk donated $ 150 million to various charities this year, which is more than all previous years combined. Vox’s Recode stated that you are donating money so quickly that you sometimes decline to notify the recipient.

The Outlet reported Thursday that Musk’s charitable team does not have full-time employees and is reaching out to others for advice on the best way to donate money.

musk chirp Jan 7: “By the way, critical comments are always very much appreciated, and so are ways to donate money that really make a difference (much more difficult than it sounds).”

Aside from the $ 100 million carbon dioxide removal competition, Musk put millions of dollars into the next three months for other reasons. Pledging $ 30 million to charities in South Texas, $ 5 million to the Khan Academy online educational platform, $ 5 million to Covid Researchers in Boston, and $ 1 million to food bank operator Feeding Texas.

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A spokesperson for Khan Academy said the donation was a “surprise,” Rikode said.

The Musk Foundation was previously located in California, but has moved to Austin, Texas. Musk confirmed in December that he had also moved to Texas.

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