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Match summary Women's semi-final round: Tigres vs America (3-0)

Match summary Women’s semi-final round: Tigres vs America (3-0)

Historic and unbeatable! This is correct female tigers, after this Monday night in volcano They will stamp your pass to Liga MX Femenil Final, his series on the title number seven, all consecutive.

Amazon She was down on the overall scoreboard 2-1 against in the first leg with America, but it was a matter of the second half of the Volta match that changed everything, and so forth 4-0 tonight in semi-finals And 5-2 globally, is placed in another final in search of a three-time championship.

During the first half it was clear that sooner or later the goals would reach the Cats, as they were in control of the match and insisted a lot on scoring; There were even controversial plays, such as a hand that did not score a penalty kick and a foul Bethlehem cruise At 42′ which was not punished by the 11 steps either.

The fans in the first half were upset and shouted “sold out” to the referee, who in the 59th minute did not want to score another hand in the area, but with all this, Tigres Feminel managed to go ahead.

57 minutes ago on a free kick Liliana Mercado He fired a powerful shot into the corner to equalize the total, which opened the match.

Al 62′ Maria Sanchez He fell due to the lack of Karen Luna and a penalty kick was scored in his favour, and it was in the 64th minute Stephanie Mayor He ran low, on the left side of unmoving goalkeeper Renata Maciarelli, waiting for a shot through the middle, so they were already heading into the final.

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But they went for more and at 70′, Maria Sanchez He entered the area from the left flank and surprised Azulcrema’s defense who was waiting for the middle, but suddenly the Cats singer fired a powerful shot from the left to get a shot at the near post with a 3-0 goal from Vuelta and 4. -2 on aggregate.

finally, Maria Sanchez It was for tonight’s weakness, with his header in the 88th minute, sealing Azulcrimas’ coffin, 4-0 for Vuelta’s and 5-2 overall, which is already impossible for the Eagles to come home to; While the felines are waiting for Riyadah or Atlas.