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Match summary: Atletico San Luis vs Cruz Azul (1-2).  Objectives

Match summary: Atletico San Luis vs Cruz Azul (1-2). Objectives

After several weeks of depression, they went out to show their faces in front of the fans due to the bad results and despite all the odds, a group came out Blue cross surprised With defeat For the championship leader Atletico San Luisby tag 2-1 This leaves the last place in the classification.

Machine It was another teamAll the pressure they had accumulated due to the poor results in San Luis Potosi was released; They forgot all their problems and were a team With the idea and the goal on the field of play.

Joaquin Moreno You will finally be able to sleep peacefullyyou will be able to work quietly the following week, which will be a double shift, and think, why not, about that Return to the top of the table and at the end of the tournament enter the Liguilla area.

in view of Saint Louis They started winning the match with a goal scored by Carlos Rotondi; It seems that all the ghosts that usually haunt celestial bodies have remained in the country’s capital, the cement workers They played a very smart game against the best team of the season.

San Luis woke up with a great goal from Villalpando

Saint Louis woke up After the strike that led to the loss of the match, they looked for a goal from Andres Godinho, who was a real wall under the three posts and with only one goal. A great goal from another match scored by Dieter Villalpando They managed to defeat him.

A draw on the scoreboard was probably fair For both teams, but VAR, at the end of the match, was forced to reveal Error in concentration by Ricardo Chavez Who has his hand on the ball inside the area and The penalty kick with which Uriel Antuna gave victory to the Heavens.

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Winning gives a lot of confidence Cruz Azul, who is coming off a three-match winless streakThe last time they did that was in History 6 against Rayados at BBVA.

For this part, Potosinos may lose the lead Competition with this defeat, as long America defeats or draws with the Pumas Next Saturday at Estadio Azteca, even a combination of results could see them drop to third place, if Tigres beat Mazatlán.