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Massacre in Ensenada claims 10 lives – El Financiero

Ensenada, British Columbia. – Another massacre took place Saturday in Baja California after counting 170 people in 2022. Now it was in port covein the city of San Vicente. At the venue, 90 km from the Trans-Island Highway, the “El Cachanillazo” sand road car race was held.

Despite the presence of the National Guard and municipal police, an armed group in a black van arrived at the scene and They shot a group of people at close range who participated in the event, including a delegate from San Antonio de las Minas, in the Valle de Guadalupe.

It was the result of the shooting 10 dead and seven wounded They were initially taken as an emergency to Ensenada General Hospital, and among the injured was a person described as a woman.

However, the Baja California Attorney General’s office remains The identity of the victims has not been confirmedNor the attackers.

What the FGE reported was that it had sent a special investigation group to the municipality to step up the tasks and “bring to justice those responsible” who, according to first reports, fled in two trucks.

For his part, the mayor of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles, expressed his regret for the attack on the group of runners, and confirmed that he is cooperating with two other levels of government to find those responsible and bring justice to the families of the victims. .

He emphasized that surveillance has been intensified in the southern delegates of the municipality and arrests of murderers are still active. In addition to thanks to the Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of the Mexican Navy for their search and security work.

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It is unofficially reported by agents of the State Investigation Agency to be a criminal group linked to what remains of the so-called Tijuana or Arellano FĂ©lix Cartel; Yet still No other information about the attackers and victims was released.