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China rejects the criticism of the Group of Seven. AlMomento.net accuses him of being an obstacle to peace

BEIJING, May 20 – The Chinese government has rejected criticism from the Group of Seven of its economic practices and expansion in the Indo-Pacific by calling the group of international leaders an obstacle to stability and development.

“This group claims to be advancing toward a more stable, peaceful, and prosperous world, but what it is actually doing is impeding international peace, harming regional stability, and suppressing the development of other countries,” the State Department declared on its page.

Regarding other G7 criticisms against expansion in the Indo-Pacific, their claim to sovereignty over Taiwan and the status of the Uyghur minority, the Chinese government understands all of these complaints as “dirty trying and attacking” the country, as well as “gross interference in the internal affairs” of the nation.

“China expresses deep dissatisfaction and strong opposition, and has already made strong complaints to Japan as the host of the summit and other relevant parties,” the statement added.

Finally, regarding the G7’s criticism of the alleged “coercive” maneuvers promoted by China in the economic field and the group’s upcoming measures to increase its independence from China in global supply chains, Beijing responded that “the only economic coercion here is the only economic coercion that is exercised by the United States ».

The US is only politicizing and weaponizing economic and trade relations through unilateral sanctions. “We ask the G7 not to be complicit in this real economic coercion,” the State Department added.

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