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Increased theft and slaughter of cattle in Sancti Spiritus

The numbers of major cattle thefts and slaughters increased across Cuba during 2023.

In fact, most provinces have recorded alarming data in this regard, and records, even, per province. In Sancti Spíritus, for example, in the first four months alone, 1,790 animals were victims of theft. Of them, 550 cattle and 1240 horses.

The sacrifices reached 1,094 head of cattle, much more than what was seen during the first four months of 2022. According to what was revealed by the local newspaper. Escambray All municipalities have been affected by crimes with these characteristics.

Municipalities with more thieves and massacres

The regions with the highest incidence in this aspect are Trinidad, Fomento, Cabaiguan, Sancti Spiritus, and Taguasco. The data correspond to the animal mass in each municipality. A report from the livestock sub-delegation in that central province of Cuba referred to this issue.

“From January to March, 147 fines were imposed on various farmers for not properly identifying the animals. The same thing happened for not declaring in the Livestock Register the specimens offered for sale. Other reasons were failure to announce births and purchases within the specified period and transportation of large livestock between Various records without documents. Finally, those responsible for owning animals without being legal owners of the land were punished.”

Meanwhile, another 15 fines were imposed for selling large livestock without permission from the competent authority. The aforementioned subdelegate’s official report does not refer to arrests or other actions against offenders.

Sancti Spíritus authorities confirmed that in 2022 more than 5,000 thefts and sacrifices of horse cattle were recorded. At the state level, during the same period, 82,445 animals were slaughtered illegally. Of these, 45 thousand 315 cows and 37 thousand 130 horses.

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