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Maribelli Rivera and Patricia Corsino face off in “Celebrity House 4”

Maribelli Rivera and Patricia Corsino face off in “Celebrity House 4”

The Puerto Rican duo participating in the fourth season of La casa de los Celebrities, Maribelli Rivera and Patricia CorsinoToday, they had a tense conversation in the reality kitchen that will certainly have repercussions on their coexistence.

The verbal exchange occurred early in the morning in the kitchen area, while Patricia was making coffee and Maribelli was applying makeup, according to videos posted on social media covering the reality show's live broadcast 24 hours a day and hours after Hurricane Boricua. It will leave the doors open for a full return to Fourth Earth.

“If you start talking about me in front of the cameras, I will do that too. I hope you don't start talking about me because Puerto Rico will see that and they won't support you and they will say you came here to betray.”

“I speak what I want into my life,” Corsino, a resident of the Fourth Fire, replied.

Maribelle: “It's a pity because I supported you too, I defended you the same way, grateful, okay. I never had a problem with you.

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Patricia: “Things are not distorted, let alone me.”

Later, in another clip from 24/7, Patricia speaks with the actor Paulo Quevedo About what happened in the kitchen with Maribelli.

“I know at some point she's going to jump up and maybe attack me.” But if you do that you will be punished and you will get out, that is the way it is. I won't act like her and I won't leave my routine, this is my home after all. I will continue to do my thing, and I won't have to change my routine because someone doesn't understand. “That's why I got up early today, I did everything the same way. I have the right, if I don't want to, not to talk to you, it doesn't matter.” What do you want me to think I have an attitude?“Well, that's your problem, not mine,” Corsino told him.

This friction between the two occurs exactly two weeks after Maribelli wins the Commander's Test and chooses Patricia as her wingmate.

“I'm going up, because I'm dedicating this to Puerto Rico, well, I have to take a Puerto Rican who recently arrived, who supported me and deserves to be two Puerto Ricans in a suite, because we're hot and strong,” he said on this occasion, “strong.”