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María Corina Machado endorsed Edmundo González Urrutia as a unionist candidate: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward.”

María Corina Machado endorsed Edmundo González Urrutia as a unionist candidate: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward.”

Maria Corina Machado endorsed Edmundo González Urrutia as a unionist candidate: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward” (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado Celebrate the unanimous decision Democratic Unionist Platform (PUD) for the appointment of former diplomat Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia As a unified presidential candidate for the July 28 elections, reaffirming his commitment to Venezuelans to stay on the electoral path.

Machado said in a brief message on his social networks: “Venezuelans, we are moving forward!“.

Sell ​​VenezuelaThe political party led by María Corina also spoke out through a statement on the X platform.

We celebrate this decision and thank the Venezuelans for their trust.. In the next few hours, Maria Corina Machado will send a message to the country. “We're moving forward!” reads the post.

For this part, corinna eurris, The alternative candidate for Maria is Corina Machado, who was also unable to register for the race within the stipulated period National Electoral Council (CNE), due to the blocking of Democratic Union Party cards, expressed its support for the appointment of the former diplomat as the standard bearer of the opposition.

Message of support for María Corina Machado on her social networks

We have a candidate with the unanimous support of the Democratic Unionist Program and Maria Corina Machado, and also with my support. Unity above all“Joris expressed on his social networks.

At the same time the candidate Manuel Rosales He, who decided on Friday to withdraw his candidacy for the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 to support the Democratic Unionist Party candidate, stressed that the unity achieved will work to defeat the country’s ruling system. Nicolas Maduro.

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Today we honor our word before the country and the world, with a gesture that reinforces the united candidacy of Edmundo Gonzalez to defeat Nicolas Maduro on July 28th. As we have always said, Venezuela's future must come firstsaid Rosales in X, who registered with the Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) party.

This announcement, made shortly before by the Executive Secretary of the PUD, Omar Barbozaand by UNT, this was done after a meeting between representatives of the parties that make up the coalition, in which the candidacy of González Urrutia was ratified.

Within the next few hours, Rosales is expected to officially announce the withdrawal of the nomination before the National Electoral Council, which has set Saturday, April 20, as the deadline for amending the nominations, with the change to be reflected in the voting ballot. .

Corinna Uris expressed her support for the appointment of the former diplomat as the standard bearer for the opposition (Reuters)

The unionist candidate was now registered by the DUP, initially temporarily, due to the obstacle faced by the National Electoral Council, to the candidacy of Corinna Llores, who was supported by the coalition because María Corinna Machado – the winner of the October primaries – was unable to register, due to To a disqualification that prevents him from holding elected public office until 2036.

For his part, Rosales, who registered when the deadline for submitting nominations approached, said that his candidacy sought to keep the opposition open to options for the presidential elections, because the vast majority of those registered do not enjoy the support of the traditional party. Anti-Chavismo, considering that they receive favors from the dictatorship in exchange for splitting votes.

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Various opposition parties and political figures also expressed their support Gonzalez UrrutiaStressing the importance of unity and collective effort for the future of Venezuela.

The Popular Will Party said on its social networks: “Venezuela: Edmundo González Urrutia is our candidate! Today, by unanimous decision of the Unitary Platform, Ambassador González becomes our presidential candidate to defeat Nicolás Maduro..

Manuel Rosales decided to withdraw his candidacy for the presidential elections on July 28 to support the candidate of the Democratic Unionist Party (Reuters/Isaac Urrutia)

Andres VelasquezThe leader of La Causa R expressed his enthusiasm for the elections, sharing in

For this part, Delsa SolorzanoPresident of Encuentro Ciudadano, highlighted the hard work that has been done to reach this consensus, expressing that this effort is worth it for the future of the country.

Henrique Capriles Radunski He also joined the voices of support.

In a message on

With Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia officially registered with the National Electoral Council, the presidential campaign is preparing for a contest that could be decisive for Venezuelans.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)