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Diaz-Canel turns 64, and Liz Cuesta becomes romantic

Diaz-Canel turns 64, and Liz Cuesta becomes romantic

“Not the First Lady of Cuba,” Liz Cuesta Peraza, woke up on April 20 to congratulate her ruling husband on social media. Miguel Diaz-Canelwho turns 64 on Saturday.

“Congratulations, my divine beloved, I borrow from the great what I want to say to you today: If I love you it's because you are / My lover and my partner and my everything / And in the street side by side / We are so much more than two.” By your side foreverCuesta Peraza wrote on Twitter, using some verses of Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti in a sarcastic message because only she knows how and with the image of Díaz-Canel in the pose of a soap opera lover.

Last year, Liz was more realistic, because on that occasion She shared a picture of her husband playing ball and asked for life to reward him.

“”Congratulations my love! May life reward you With more health, intelligence, patience and strength to continue advancing this island and serving your people“The one you love so much, and with our family I can protect you even more,” he wrote at the time.

Health we do not know, however Cubans realize that some of these requests went unanswered last year.

As of the conclusion of this note, Liz Cuesta's prolific congratulations have received more than 560 comments, many from supporters of her heart's dictator, but some with sarcasm of all colors.

from “You chia and recontrachea”, Even the following “heavy” reasoning based on Benedetti's verses: “If they take a Yutong car, it shows that there are more than two of them because they will have to travel in a double seat just because of how fat they are. “It's true, there are more than two.”

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“What a shame that my parents, the 'dictator of your heart', didn't use condoms.”Another netizen slipped into the flood of messages.

Memes of all kinds began to appear as well.

In recent years, there have been many pleasant conversations between Diaz-Canel and Liz Cuesta on Twitter.

In this particularly controversial passage was Liz's insistence on contacting her husband “Divine Beloved” And “The dictator of my heart.”

Liz Cuesta, a native of Holguin, married Miguel Díaz-Canel in 2009. They met when he was first secretary of the Communist Party of that province and she was director of that city's Regional Book Center.

Cuesta is currently director of the Ministry of Culture's Paradiso Agency, a company that organizes meetings and cultural and academic exchange trips. She has been heavily criticized for promoting arts events such as San Remo Music Awards Festival And other high-quality gastronomic delights, in the midst of the widespread economic and food crisis affecting the people of Cuba.

In April 2020 A group of photos of the couple's wedding were leaked. The pictures, which spread on social media, showed the president hugging, kissing and carrying his wife.

For the time being, the honoree did not appear on social networks on Saturday to celebrate his birthday, although several of his aides did so, including Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Barela.