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Many US states receive this unexpected notice from the NWS in the spring

Many US states receive this unexpected notice from the NWS in the spring

Another week of spring, flowers and sunshine are scarce in America. The Meteorological Department has warned of instability and possibility of severe storms in central and southern regions. uses.

Cold front in America

He Weather Service Warns that weather patterns are affected America This spring. Uncertainty and storm potential are expected this week in the center and south of the country along with a cold front, which could be springy.

The western and central United States will experience above-average temperatures, while the Great Lakes and east will experience cooler weather.

Temperatures of 48 degrees are expected to drop gradually as the crater develops.

In this case, there is a possibility of thundershowers Great Plains and parts of the Midwest. Passing cold fronts Great Lakes And this Ohio Valley They will spread over the region with isolated showers and thunderstorms before reaching the Northeast this Wednesday.

Sharp drops in temperature and precipitation, including snow, are expected in northern New England.

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Weather in the United States

The Great Lakes and much of the East have cooler weather. A minimum of 30 degrees will damage plants and vegetation in the area. Highs will reach 60 or 70 degrees this afternoon.

The next cold front will move in from the Great Lakes this Tuesday night and temperatures will drop 10 to 20 degrees below average across the Great Lakes and Northeast.